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REVENGE - Triumph Genocide Antichrist LP

Canadian black war metal forges onward with the post-Conqueror entity Revenge unleashing their devastating debut CD, the follow-up to their sparse EP. It’s devastating, unholy, barbaric, chaotic, destructive, raw… typical traits that give this music its character. Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist also marks Pete Helmkamp’s (ex-Angelcorpse) return to the realm of metal since his departure from the now defunct Floridian death metal gods, and I’m sure his presence was felt throughout the destruction. But Revenge is the vision of J. Read (Conqueror/Axis Of Advance) and the insanity that he has unearthed is quite inhuman, continuing where Conqueror left off yet nothing more, creating a basic drive to flesh out concepts that might raise the odd eyebrow.

Ltd. 300 copies on bronze vinyl with hotfoil print on jacket.