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TIAMAT - Skeleton Skeletron LP

As the follow-up to 1997's 'A Deeper Kind of Slumber', 'Skeleton Skeletron' shows the next evolution of Tiamat. This time around, there's less experimentation than the previous outing and the music seems to have gotten grittier (accented by the heavier guitars). No matter the progression, this is undeniably a Tiamat album. The dark, somber moods woven into the songs are just as powerful as previous albums and, although "dirtier"-sounding, the album still retains the psychedelic/dream/acid trip/ambience/whatever vibe first presented on the band's turning point album, 'Wildhoney'. The way the band combines the heavy and the soft is unique and captivating, and isn't replicated on any of their other albums in quite the same way.

Lilac vinyl