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TIAMAT - Judas Christ LP

The pathways chosen by the death doom bands of the early '90s bear very interesting viewing, since few of them have stuck steadfastly to their genre for more than a couple of releases, veering left and right and mostly ending up in softer (though no less fascinating) territories. Tiamat went the way of Anathema and Paradise Lost, simplifying a once heavy sound to include more pop and rock elements, though maintaining an edge of darkness and experimentation that both aligns them with the goth crowd and awkwardly separates them, similar to compatriots Cemetary. The style of this album is not heavy in the sense that most metal bands are heavy and wouldn't earn a place without the support of Tiamat's earlier material. However, some of it is heavy in the same manner as Katatonia's mid-period work and even resembles the slow suffocation of The Cure on an album such as Disintegration, while that Paradise Lost comparison remains apt at this stage in the two bands' respective careers.

Clear vinyl