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MORTIIS - Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør LP

Although this album is usually lumped in with the hordes of black metal bands that sprung up from Norway in the early 90s, among them being symphonic experimentalists Emperor whom which Ellefsen (aka Mortiis) played bass for on their earlier EPs Emperor/Wrath Of The Tyrant and As The Shadows Rise, Mortiis albums are far from black metal - or any metal for that matter. Just as the scraggly troll depicted in the cover art is armed only with a short dagger, Mortiis arms himself with a single keyboard of which the whole of the sound on this album is compromised.
However, as Ellefsen carried on from his black metal past, he still bore a heavy black metal vibe, harking back to Satyricon's Dark Medieval Times and Burzum's Aske EP. The music created here is similiar to the images of misty moors and castle ruins found inside the glossy booklet of past Emperor efforts - neoclassical, medieval-sounding synths creating an atmosphere of dark forests and triumphant troll marches best left to the listener's imagination for the most powerful impact. Couple this with the odd Nordic naration here and there and Mortiis successfully creates a mood of ancient triumph and mythological wonder.