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BLACK VIPER - Hellions Of Fire LP

Black Viper is a new metal outfit hailing from Oslo in Norway. The band started out as a solo project in late 2012/early 2013 when drummer Cato began to write some songs inspired by traditional heavy metal and speed metal that did not suit his other band Deathhammer. After releasing the demo Storming With Vengeance in 2016 and playing a few gigs, Black Viper started to record their debut album Hellions Of Fire, which is now ready for release. Hellions Of Fire is a mix between heavy metal and speed metal heavily inspired by the massive power and supremacy of the US metal gods such as Agent Steel, Savage Grace and Heathen.

Ltd. to 300 copies on red/ black splatter vinyl, 200 copies on black vinyl incl. poster, lyric sheet.
High Roller Records 2019

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