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VOIDSPHERE - To Call I To Speak CD

To Call | To Speak is the debut album by atmospheric black metal project Voidsphere. Forty minutes long, the record has only two extensive tracks: The Void Calls and The Void Speaks. With a high degree of energy and vitality, the sound’s basic impulses and premises are sinister, but effectively dense and perfidious harmonies. With a peculiar style, more nefarious and somber than the usual, the main sound on To Call | To Speak can be basically described as thoroughly virulent and vividly disturbing, as well as astoundingly efficient and radically imperative.
Exceedingly rapid and furious, Voidsphere has a characteristic, distinctive and peculiar style, effusively paradoxical. While it is easy to describe their sound as atmospheric black metal, the essence of their musicality is obviously more complex and indefinite. With incredibly aggressive guitar lines, the main anatomy of the music remains rooted in traditional BM, while the harmonies are evidently more expansive, but inhumanely delusional.
The best description for the sound of Voidsphere is the hallucinating and demagogic dispersion of a universe being devoured by a colossal black hole. You feel practically lost in a vicious and incurable infinite limbo of chaos, where despair and affliction are not only the main possibilities, but the certainty of an eternity of agony. And voidsphere’s music passes so intensely and truthfully these sensations, with such a realistic majesty, that you definitely feel yourself to be dragged by an invisible energy of doomed ferocity and destruction. As a matter of fact, like the name of the project suggests, you are unmercifully and inextricably attracted to a spectacular, monumental and detrimental sphere of void.
A debut album to be highly celebrated between ardent and passionate atmospheric black metal enthusiasts, To Call | To Speak, by Voidsphere, while it cannot be regarded exactly as a masterpiece, certainly has a considerable amount of merits. With an incalculable degree of energy and a profound level of atmospheric density, the macabre symphonies that are fatally dispersed throughout the album are not only genuine, but profoundly afflictive. Definitely, a record that masterfully incorporates all the authentic essences of atmospheric black metal. (Merchants Of Air)