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RÛR - Rûr CD

Oslo-based Black Metal with a cold, epic and majestic feeling! Never heard of the band you say ? Well, most people have not as this one-man-band has so far been a mystical and hidden project, but the first full-length is absolutely worth checking out!
RÛR was created by its sole member C.L. in mid to late 2017. It was originally imagined as a darker, more monotone and melancholic project consisting mainly of old riffs made back in the early 2000s, but as recording of the first song began the project took another direction. It steered towards what can be heard on the debut release, simply named “RÛR” - higher tempo, less melancholic and more epic melodies focusing a bit more on the riffing while still retaining some of the ambient sound of the old material.
Inspiration comes mainly from escapism and dreams of other worlds - dark, vast and wild. Main inspirations musically are the low-fi dreamscape that is Paysage d’Hiver, the epic battle songs of Caladan Brood, the blasting fury of Forteresse, the cosmic darkness of Mare Cognitum, and of course old masters like Dissection, Burzum and Emperor.

Digipack CD, limited to 999 copies. Northern Silence 2018