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MAYHEM - Deathcrush MCD

Deathcrush is a clear example of how much influence Mayhem took from groups like Celtic Frost, Bathory, Venom, etc. It's not the black metal that most would recognize -- that sound wouldn't really come into play until DMDS, many years later. This release is 18 and a half minutes of no-holds-barred blackened thrashy metal, but a lot fits into that short length of time. This is one of the most intense extreme metal releases of the 80s and of Mayhem's career. The lo-fi adds to that intensity and fits perfectly with the vocal performances of Messiah and Maniac. What is amazing is just how well this album still holds up and how brutal it still is. When it comes to Mayhem's career, this album is every bit as essential as DMDS and Live in Leipzig. If you are a fan of the 80s extreme metal scene and the lo-fi production other releases from this era, this EP is absolutely essential.

Deathlike Silence Prod. 1993