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(DOLCH) - III : Songs Of Happiness​.​.​.​Words Of Praise MLP

Not much is known about this mysterious Berlin based duo named (Dolch), they have no official website, no Facebook, nothing is known, except that they released the album, actually a collection of demos named I & II in 2015, a split with their label mate King Dude in 2016, and now this album, III: Songs Of Happiness... Words Of Praise, on the very same day (Dolch) also released a two track EP named An den Mond. Just like almost everything around this German duo is kept in the fog, also Songs Of Happiness... Words Of Praise dwells in the same enviroment, it's a whimsical, mystical, atmospheric and sustained music for those who are embracing the darkness in its most gritty form.
The sound made by these two artists is from another planet and the four proper tracks available here are absolutely stunning to say the least. Although the title says that these are songs of happiness, this music is utterly melancholic, with no space for light to come through. Prepare for an otherworldly sonic adventure when the eight minutes long "The River" starts, and believe me that if you'll be in the right mood for this hypnotizing occult soundscapes, Songs Of Happiness... Words Of Praise, won't leave your player that easily. Distant male and alienated yet ethereal female voices garnish over the doomy droneing wall of sound. Everything is pretty obscure, with hints of kraut rock that sometimes in certain segments resemble to Der Blutharsch mixed with Chelsea Wolfe, Dead Can Dance and Bauhaus, but the thing is much more psychedelic, insane and dark, to a certain degree also depressive and strangely ironic.

- jacket made of black solid-colored cartonstock with blue hotfoil debossing on front, back and spine.
- 12" sized booket with lyrics
- 180g dark blue virgin vinyl