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ORGAN: - Everything is pared down. Minimal Expectations LP (preorder)

NB! This is a preorder item, shipping winter 2019

Black metal. Progressive rock. And everything inbetween. The debut (and sole?) album of Italian / Norwegian trio ORGAN: is just that – a cornucopia of sounds derived from and inspired by an incredible wealth of sources. Impossible to narrow down to a specific genre, «Everything is pared down. Minimal Expectations» finds itself sitting comfortably outside practical convention. It is simply music - sometimes abrasive, often beautiful - yet always fascinating and inspired. ORGAN: unite the past, present and future, as childhood memories blend with road-weary contemplation and universal wonder.

Ltd. white/black marbled LP (100x), black LP (200x) and Digipack CD (300x). The CD version also includes the Apoplexy In Six Parts as bonus. The first customers who order the LP will receive a free ORGAN: 7"EP