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Italian band IL TEMPIO DELLE CLESSIDRE was formed in Genoa, Italy, back in 2006, at the time representing an ensemble of young, talented musicians joined by former Museo Rosenbach vocalist Stefano Galifi. Following their 2010 self-titled debut album Galifi decided to leave the band, who subsequently recruited Francesco Ciapica as their new singer. "AlieNatura" is the band's second full-length album, and their first with Ciapica as vocalist.
Symphonic progressive rock with a distinct vintage sound and quality to it is the chosen style for this Italian band, a style of music they explore with a high degree of excellence throughout. A strong and well made production, and while it does explore musical grounds rather thoroughly explored by other before them, they do in such an excellent manner that the end result is a powerful and compelling one anyhow. A production well worth spending some time with if you have a soft spot for vintage symphonic progressive rock, and in particular if you fancy music of that kind with Italian vocals.

Black Widow Records 2013.