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TARGET - Master Projection Genesis LP

Target play a brand of thrash that sounds very like early Mekong Delta; the surprising thing is, these Belgians were right there with the Germans as they developed their sound. Target’s first two albums came out in ’87 and ’88, the same years as Mekong Delta’s first two. Not only that, but they were signed to MD mastermind Ralph Hubert’s own Aaarrg Records; clearly he thought they were on to something. What we have here on Master Project Genesis is some very technical thrash, filled with wacky time signatures and noodly riffing, such as can be expected from late 80’s tech thrash; see Deathrow’s last two, Mekong Delta’s earlier material, and Coroner’s mid period work. There’s even a bit of Watchtower in there. But enough with comparisons; though sharing elements with these other bands, where Target differentiate themselves is in their overall direction. Target above all still manage to overcome the biggest fault of tech thrash (and technical metal in general) by actually being catchy. That’s right, despite being complex as a computer and throwing weird riff after weird riff your way, this album’s still catchier than a cold, without even a single weak song. Master Project Genesis is assuredly deserving of a place in history as a foundational tech thrash band, that was even slightly ahead of their time.

Ltd. to 250 copies on black vinyl. Floga Records 2017.