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SINDROME - Resurrection - The Complete Collection 3MC BOX

Official tape re-release of the two only studio recordings from the cult Chicago thrash/death metal act SINDROME — the acclaimed "Into The Halls Of Extermination" (1987) and its successor, "Vault Of Inner Conscience" (1991).
"Resurrection - The Complete Collection" offers over 88 minutes of relentlessly raging thrash/death metal and is a mandatory purchase for every fan of U.S. thrash metal and especially for the worshippers of the glorious heydays of the Chicago metal scene that brought up bands like DEVASTATION, TERMINAL DEATH, DEATH STRIKE, ZOETROPE, FUNERAL NATION, CYCLONE TEMPLE, ZNÖWHITE, NUM SKULL, FUNERAL BITCH and MASTER.
As both demos have been bootlegged numerous times, it’s now time to offer all fans of timeless thrash/death metal these two legendary recordings as an official release, fully supported by the band and done in close co-operation with SINDROME vocalist Troy Dixler. Metalion (Slayer magazine) has written an introduction to the release and Laurent Ramadier (Snakepit magazine) has conducted an extensive interview with Troy Dixler giving you a deep insight into the band's history. The cover artwork and additional design was done by Gustavo Sazes (MORBID ANGEL, ARCH ENEMY). As a special bonus, SINDROME has unearthed the lost track "Brought To The End" from the recording session of "Into The Halls Of Extermination" — an awesome track that now finally can be offered to the fans.
Besides the two demos and the bonus track, "Resurrection - The Complete Collection" includes a full bootleg live show from Chicago, recorded in 1988, when SINDROME supported DEATH on their "Scream Bloody Gore" tour. The show is unedited and has a pretty raw sound, but it captures the intensity of SINDROME's live shows very well and offers the two unreleased tracks "Surround The Prisoner" and "Psychic Warfare". Prepare to descend into madness!.

Ltd. to 500 copies, 3 cassettes in a luxurious box set incl. booklet.