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Arcane razors bleed the sky as the weeping chords that summon theta-trances shimmer over raucous, galloping nightmares. The pulse of black blood within the earth is exploited with disharmonious treachery, breaching the path of wholesome replenishment with humiliation and rape. As the aboriginal body subverts the civilized rationale, so we are pushed by our unknown desire toward the dank crevices of Lilith's womb. Sorguinazia are shamanistic butchers of pseudo-occult intellectualism, purveying pure cannibalistic black metal with preternatural fire. Proudly a self-contained duo, Sorguinazia weave a ghoulish 'n' ghastly sort of black metal, one that locates a wobbly balance between beyond-the-shade mysticism and soul-flaying insanity. Its innermost frequencies pulsate and mutate, warping the listener's comprehension (and psychic DNA) with diabolical ease: a soundpool of gibbering, horrendous "notes" that somehow coalesce into rude yet strangely alluring shapes. The resultant sound of Sorguinazia is one that's faintly recognizable as being performed by humans, but more so emits a sense of spiritual dislocation that thusly transports said listener far beyond the realm of man.