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ENTRENCH - Inevitable Decay MC

Recently old school Swedish thrash metal has been "resurrected" by a growing number of bands with the strongest spark of energy coming with the release of Inevitable Decay from ENTRENCH.Steeped in the origins and influences of the genre the debut album from the Västerås quartet will excite and thrill all fans of thrash whichever flavour they prefer. With the sounds of the likes of Kreator and Slayer and even a touch of early Metallica, running through its veins the release is a proud and loud crushing riff and dynamic rhythms fest of sound. The songs are nicely varied under the non-stop incessant bombardment of heavyweight riffs and ear splitting guitars, with the vocals coarse and malicious matching the raw sounds and direct lyrical content, which itself is scathing and unrestricted.

Tape version of the debut album of the Swedish thrashers! Comes with alternative cover, a button and sticker.