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PORTAL - Seepia CD

Imagine if all the members of Immolation lived their whole lives in Bedlam with access only to instruments created by the Old Gods and emerged one day to showcase the sounds that they had invented in their long and arduous isolation from the world and you might imagine what Portal sound like. While conventional is not really a word you can use to describe Portal, on Seepia its clear that they hadn't quite nailed the dimension melting atmosphere that they are known for today. Still, Seepia boldly sets the foundation on which the twisted architecture that is Portal's discography has been built on. It goes without saying that this band and album are not for the unprepared, but if you have listened to much of this ultra-intense suffocating blackened death metal that seems to be emerging left and right these days, you owe it to one of that sound's originators to check this the heck out.