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CHRONIC DECAY – Justify Your Existence LP

Chronic Decay is a crazed death/thrash outfit from the heyday of Swedish death metal, best known for a well-liked split with another obscure band (Exanthema), and contributing a solid track to the famous "Projections of a Stained Mind" compilation. Apart from those things they never did anything or went anywhere. Except, oh yeah, they studio-recorded an entire album - this one - and never got it released. Maybe the year had something to do with it; by 1994, thrash metal was truly cooked and death metal was on the wane, and Chronic Decay was a band that never fit into a neat category anyway. Of all their contemporaries, they remind mostly of Merciless - both bands sound like they like Slayer, but think "Reign in Blood" was a little on the slow and gentle side. Why couldn't the tempos be MORE extreme? Why couldn't the riffs be as warped and rapid-fire as death metal riffs? Why couldn't Tom Araya just scream his fool head off instead of, y'know, sometimes kind of singing? However, Chronic Decay brings punk influences to the table, making them truly one of a kind. Merciless sounded deathly or blackened, and just pure evil; Chronic Decay, by contrast, sounds more angry (REALLY angry) and abrasive as fuck. Other points of comparison might be the balls-out insanity of classic bands like early Sadus (but less technical), the first Incubus album, and old Sepultura. And if you've nodded happily when reading all of those names, you need to check this out.

Re-press of the long-time sold out full length album by Chronic Decay. Comes on blue vinyl and includes a poster of the painting that was intended to be the original cover art.

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