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Vorbid is a four-piece from Arendal, Norway. They play a variety of thrash, and it is fast, hard-hitting and melodic as fuck! It is pretty damn catchy too, and the vocalist/guitarist Michael Eriksen sounds like a young and mean crossbreed of Dave Mustaine and Tom Araya. The opening track, “Closed Casket”, delivers some fabulous guitar playing. Both Michael (rythm) and Daniel Emanuelsen (lead) are very talented guitar players who have payed attention in class as to how to make thrash interesting again. Jonas Tellefsen (bass) and Marcus Gullovsen (drums) make for a tight backbone as well, and ties it all together very nicely. Musically there are elements of all the greats within the genre here, yet these guys have crafted their own statement. The entire four-track EP is filled to the brim with riff delight and riff bonanza, and these dudes do put forth a compelling case as to why you need to check it out.

Ltd. to 50 copies on cassette, Snake Oil kassettforlag

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