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ASPHERIUM - The Fall of Therenia MC SNAKE OIL

If a label had to be slapped onto The Fall of Therenia, melodic death metal is likely the most fitting. But the problem with pigeonholing Aspherium as melodic death metal is that it undermines all the bold experimentation found on The Fall of Therenia. Regardless of how risky or outlandish an idea might appear on paper, Aspherium take it and turn it into something of marvel. The whole of Therenia can be described as controlled chaos – it’s abrasive, bleak, fast, technical, and beautiful, with every descriptor playing an equally important part in the grand scheme. Nevertheless, the finest aspect of The Fall of Therenia is the simple fact that it exists: a sacred jewel in the progressive metal realm, and one that won’t soon be forgotten by those lucky enough to have crossed its path.
Ltd. to 50 copies on cassette via SNAKE OIL Kassettforlag.