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MORK - Den Vandrende Skygge MC SNAKE OIL

"Mork is the creature of Thomas Eriksen, a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist who started this project back in 2004, but only began to release material three years later with the demo Rota Til Ondskap. Anyway, the true demonstration of his potential came in 2013 with the release of debut album Isebakke, a cold and grim fist in the face of the Norwegian black metal scene that condensed the best moments of legends like Burzum and Darkthrone, staying away from the suspicious homages and revisiting the unique atmosphere of black metal’s formative years in his country. Luckily, successor Den Vandrende Skygge (“The Wandering Shadow”) confirms Mork as one of the most interesting black metal bands today. Going further in the direction shown on his first work, Eriksen now offers a more stripped-down yet meditative album, capable of inducting us into a hypnotic trance with its repetitive riffs and frantic pace. While tracks like “I Sluket Av Myra” or “Enden Ligger Ved Berget” show the classic early Burzum inspired riffing, others like “Morkent” or the second part in closing number “Invertert Korsfestelse” take us to the otherworldly realities we could feel in classic albums like Hvis Lyset Tar Oss and Under a Funeral Moon. Without any doubt, this will be one of the most interesting albums coming out from Norway this year, and no black metal fan should miss the chance to listen to this excellent work. Trust me, Eriksen knows what he’s doing." (Norsk Metal)

Out now via SNAKE OIL on limited tape (50 copies)!

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