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Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in the town of Halden in Norway during 2004. Both then and now the band functions as a one-man-band, much like many others within the Black Metal-genre. The demo «Rota Til Ondskap» was compiled of recordings done between 2005-2007 and was released DIY-style as a limited 100-copies CD-R, in 2007. During the summer 2013 Eriksen visited the old rehearsalhaunts of Darkthrone, which is and has always been a big part of his inspirations. The visit triggered such a big part of Eriksen’s inspirational flow that he went straight back home and made what would become the debutalbum «Isebakke».
«Isebakke» similar to the first demo was made into 100 CD-R copies and was never intended to be a big deal. However, the album was recieved very well and more people started showing attention to Mork. Record labels started to take notice, and «Isebakke» was released officially on CD during 2014, gaining praise by both critics and Black Metal-fans.

"Isebakke" is set for a vinyl release fall 2016 via Katakomben, and now the circle is complete with the SNAKE OIL tape treatment, limited to 50 copies.

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