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DAKHMA - Astiwihad​-​Zohr MC

New mini-album from Switzerland's DAKHMA, entitled Astiwihad-Zohr. Comprising four tracks spanning 27 minutes, Astiwihad-Zohr is a four-step journey conceptually based around spiritual ascent/descent. The sound of DAKHMA starts with churning, coruscating bestiality and bleeds into diabolical doom, but for mainman Kerberos - responsible for "Zoroastrian Chants, Rituals and Incantations, Sonic invocations of Daeva" - just like full-length predecessor Passageways to Daena (The Concomitant Blessings of Putrescing Impurity), these four hymns were created in order to submit to the eternal opposition of the six Amesha Spentas. By way of ghastly ritual incantations rendered in sonic form, DAKHMA espouses the worship of all Daeva, so that they may corrupt and soil the soul of man. This is the audial essence of destruction, as sought by Az; it is the music of death.