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Although cities such as Bergen and Stockholm are regarded among the most fertile breeding grounds for extreme metal, Reykjavik is fast gaining a reputation as a hotbed for some of the most exciting black metal this decade. Abominor are one of many blasphemous outfits from this city. Their recently-released EP, Opus – Decay, is an excellent slab of downright abhorrent extreme metal, which showscases what talent lies in this isolated part of Europe. Even though it is only a two track EP, it still has a lot to get excited about. It features blissfully aggressive atonal riffage, reminiscent of such metal luminaries as Portal and Hate Eternal. Messrs Alfreð Þór and Óskar Þór take vocal duties, vomiting forth bowl movements into their microphones. When the listener isn’t being bludgeoned by scything guitars, the music is steeped in tasteful atmospherics.