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Continuing the tradition of Aluk Todolo’s previous three records, Voix paints the picture of a band that is in a state of constant motion, finding new variations of their voice on each release while a trademark, unique approach lingers in the background. In that regard, Voix (coincidentally or not, “voice(s)” in French) is a harbinger of expected changes that stretch the band in unforeseen directions and produce an even more varied and dynamic style. It’s simple: the dominant, throbbing, and hauntingly organic bass accompanied by scrambled, razor-sharp but unhinged drums feels stuck in a droning loop while the freewheeling, screaming guitars explore spaces occupied by the monuments of black metal, krautrock, and psychedelic rock. Unlike with many drone bands, the riffs and feedback-noise are mere tools and not objects of worship for Aluk Todolo. Because of that, it’s the repetitive, frantically hypnotic, and strangely jazzy rhythmic foundation that acts as a centerpiece and anchor for riffs that might otherwise break loose and get lost in the vast expanses of the cosmos. To achieve this effect and to expand the colours of their sonic palette, the trio relinquishes some of those unrelenting, voluptuously meaty, Krallice-like black metal elements found on Occult Rock and embrace rockier structures resembling psychedelic and kraut groups such as Acid Mothers Temple, Seven That Spells / Jastreb, Electric Orange, or even CAN.

Black vinyl in reverse print, debossed sleeve.