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Armoros from Victoria, British Columbia, are the best proof that music history is often written by pure accident. If it hadn't been for a shitload of bad luck, the Canadians would definitely be counted among the most important names in the Thrash Metal Hall of Fame. “Pieces” should have been released by the Seattle-based label Ever Rat, but they went bankrupt and the band ended up falling apart. Despite that hard blow to the band’s hope and existence, “Pieces” found its way into the world through tape trading, growing into an underground phenomenon. But one thing is for sure: If “Pieces” had come out in 1988, Armoros would have mad it BIG!
Coming out on High Roller Records, “Pieces” is finally being released the way it was meant to be in the first place. The High Roller version of the album also has the artwork and layout Armoros originally had wanted.

Ltd 200 copies on black vinyl in heavy cardboard sleeve with hot foil embossing and printed inner sleeve.

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