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DOOMRAISER - Lords Of Mercy CD

Straight from the Catacombs of ROMA, DOOMRAISER hits you hard with 5 tracks of total, traditional doom metal, clocking in at 58 minutes! The music teeters precariously on that precipice between early Danzig, mid-period Cathedral, 'Master Of Reality' Black Sabbath, peppered with a smattering of the fatalistic, jet-black cheerlessness of Solitude Aeternus' 'Through The Darkest Hour' (unfortunately the only SA album that sounds like it does, striking a remarkable parallel between grooving riffage and oppressive despondency). Much like that Solitude Aeternus album and, say, 'The Ethereal Mirror', Doomraiser achieve a breathtaking compromise between swinging, brew-chugging RAWK and bleak, dystopian DOOM, and each of the five numbers offered on this indulgent slab is uniformly brilliant, from reinterpreted oldies The Age Of Christ (possibly Cynar's finest vocal performance on the disc) to the Black Sabbath -colored, labyrinthine Doomraiser to Metamorphosis, which brazenly flaunts lessons learnt from sirs Jennings and Dorrian with inebriated abandon. All in all, a marvelous achievement.