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COFFINS - March of Despair PIC.MLP

Tokyo-Japan’s Coffins are firmly established as the underground’s leading purveyors of Neanderthal paced Doomed Death Metal. Previous albums “The Other Side Of Blasphemy” and “Mortuary In Darkness” and the classic “Buried Death” introduced Coffins’ black tar dirge to an audience eager for slowpressive maniac riffs and songs dragged forth like the arms of a lumbering ape with the impact of a huge bulldozer... no escape! Derivative and true rather then progressive and new, with an effectiveness unmatched in today’s underground. Immediately battering the listener with the opening sledgehammer ‘Till Dawn of the Dooms Day’ the album crawls ever forward through the catchiest Coffins tracks ever, like Celtic Frost at 16 RPM narcoplunder of ‘Grotesque Messiah’. The patented brick heavy guitar tone remains and the band has added some additional solos and high vocal screams, hinted at on 2006’s “The Other Side...” album. Rather than toy with forced “evolution” Coffins has instead sharpened and honed its devolved sound further in its primitive singlemindedness, no compromise here!

Ltd. picture disc in plastic sleeve with thick carton insert.