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EXECRATION - Morbid Dimensions MC

The stunning third album of the Norwegian experimental death metallers now out on tape, exclusively licensed to Incoffin Productions!

On their third full-length album, Norwegian experimental death metal band Execration take a step forward and to the left, incorporating new elements to their sound, spanning a wide set of genres, from black to heavy metal. Refining their already unique take on doomy, atmospheric death metal, and throwing in a multitude of refreshing twists and turns, Morbid Dimensions is the document of a band carving out their very own niche. Unafraid of opting for unusual and daring solutions to get exactly where they want to be, delivering death metal that draws clear influences from the old days without being "retro", and that sounds fresh without ever resembling
the mass-produced and soulless, modern technical death metal.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on blue, pro-printed tapes with 6-panel foldout.

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