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BURNING SAVIOURS – Boken om Förbannelsen CD - On sale

8 years have passed since Burning Saviours and I Hate last joined forces for the group’s second full-length album, “Hundus”. The new offering, the CD “Boken om förbannelsen”, collects four 7” singles recorded during 2011-2013. Since Burning Saviours foundation back in 2003, the interest for 70s (doom) rock has more or less exploded. No matter what the trendies have been throwing out, this group has been going slow but steady and the material displayed on “Boken om förbannelsen” (“The Book About the Curse” in English) really shows what they are made of! For some classic “namedropping”, think of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Led Zeppelin, Bedemon, Jerusalem, Buffalo, Iron Claw, Atomic Rooster, etc. The 70s is indeed their biggest influence. But before anything else, this sounds like Burning Saviours! Of the 8 songs featured on the compilation, 2 are sung in their native Swedish tongue and the rest in English. People into classic heavy rock, created with both brain & passion, get ready to be engulfed by your burning saviour!

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