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CLAWS - Absorbed In The Nethervoid CD

Among the myriads of projects/bands Lasse Pyykkö churned out like crazy in between 2006 and 2010, CLAWS always hold a special place. For starter, just like HOODED MENACE early days, this was one ‘true’ solo project in the purest sense of the term, Pyykkö handling not only all instruments but wrote all the music for it and recorded the whole thing in his own studio. And right from the start, that would be August of 2008 for you maniacs, CLAWS’ mission was all too clear: a death metal band highly influenced by the cult early 90’s Swedish act CREMATORY as well as other rotting and cryptic sounding bands such as DERKETA, NIHILIST and INCANTATION, basically the darkest and rawest form of death metal possible in a nutshell!