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The band name “Bonjour Tristesse” translates to “Welcome Sadness” & is inspired by the 1954 book written by French author Francoise Sagan. Bearing in mind this carefully considered moniker, it comes as no surprise that the music itself is of the most atmospheric and emotional variety of Black Metal. The initial comparison would be to BURZUM due to the intense and dramatically screamed vocals, however “Par un Sourire” isn’t one of those albums that will drain all colour and life from everything in the way that the most vehement of Suicidal Black Metal bands tend to; it has a multi-dimensional approach that inspires thought rather than just simply a sense of crushing emptiness. BONJOUR TRISTESSE has more in common with bands such as AUSTERE, ISOLATION, HYPOTHERMIA, WIGRID, AMESOEURS, ANWECH and LIFELOVER for example.