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Nine pummelling tracks with a focus on attack, pulse with hammering fecundity. Where "Through the Cervix…" gaped with a menstrual/tidal flow, revealing the disgusting orificial void, "LOGOS" is a counterpart to that both in musical form and ideological conceptions. Antagonistic and aggressive, the album is about the phallic creative force turning on itself, in a meditation on uncreation and total death. The energy trapped in matter recalls the primordial abyss of pre-existence, and denounces the domineering voice of the captor, or demiurge. This is the moment of self-recognition in the mirror of the cosmos; it is the realization that matter is twisted together in a great abominable mass of reflected forms. Claustrophobic and demented, "Logos" is the most overbearing and penetrating Antediluvian release yet.

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