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17/11/17: SHAKMA album completed and ready for print

We are currently putting the finishing touches to the layout of the SHAKMA debut album House Of Possession, scheduled for release early next year. Preorder will be up very soon and all details will be revealed as soon as the date is set and everything is sent off to print. The SHAKMA LP/CD release will coincide with the delayed GHOUL CULT LP. The GHOUL CULT 2CD still needs a bit more work, so it will probably come out a few weeks later.

There will be special bundle options available for SHAKMA / GHOUL CULT, as well as other future releases, and you who have already preordered the GHOUL CULT LP or CD will get the chance to add the bundle option to your order.

Releases planned for the first months of 2018 so far:
SHAKMA - House Of Possession LP/CD
GHOUL CULT - Ghoul Cult LP/CD (available for preorder now)
INFERNÖ - Thrash metal Dogs Of Hell MLP/MCD/MC
INFERNÖ - Utter Hell MC
INFERNÖ - Downtown Hades MC
NEKROMANTHEON - We're Rotting LP (rerelease with added tracks)